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Below are some links that we believe you will find of interest. Once you are on your way or even before you start you might want to contact your local government and review these links for programs that you may be entitled to benefit from. As we understand it under the Obama administration over two billion dollars is being made available to revamp neighborhoods. A two billion dollar infusion of capital will make a significant difference in the overall quality of life and make your job all that much easier. While we have not yet partaken in any government or non-profit benefit, we believe that it can only make our method of doing things all the more fruitful and beneficial for all.

City of Jackson, TN

Jackson Chamber of Commerce

Project Safe Neighborhood

Neighborhood Stabilization Program

US Small Business Administration

If you happen to be a community organizer, mayor, senator or other official interested in forming a specific plan for your city or community please contact us to develop a plan for your area. We are interested in showing those in your community that lead not only how to make a difference for the short-term, but how to create long-lasting community change which will result in beautiful neighborhoods and many or all of the following benefits:

1. Reduced Crime      2. Eliminated blight      3. Improved safety      4. Better economy

5. Increase in jobs      6. More energy efficiency      7. Increased revenue...

...and a whole assortment of benefits too numerous to mention here. At the end of the day, this website provides the basic fundamentals to implement a system that can change your community for the better in many significant ways. It is also a "grassroots effort" that has PROVEN to make a difference while creating jobs and making the world a better place.

We welcome any comments or questions you may have. Feel free to contact us by email at: bwepllc@yahoo.com You can also write to us at:

Better World Enterprises, LLC
P.O. Box 10475
Jackson, Tennessee 38308

"Think for a Better World"