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Better World properties are beautiful properties at discounted rents as part of The Better World Project. It's a philosophy we live by: it all starts at home so make it a great one and a great deal! While you're at it, why not add nice amenities and energy efficient items to keep costs low? Add below market rates and everyone wins! Oh!, one more thing....Refundable application fees, NO pet deposits and more!

Nice People, Nice Places, Great Service, Easy Prices. And ALL are healthy NON-SMOKING properties.

See photos of our beautiful Town Homes shown below...the best deal in Jackson!

We also have furnished townhomes: View photos

Beautiful, Spacious Kitchens

kitchen     kitchen

Wood-Burning Fireplaces


Large Living Rooms with Dining Area

living/dining room

Large Spaces and Attic Storage


Large Closets & Walk In Areas


Large Private Decks & Seating


Private Fenced-in Green Space

green space

Beautiful Private Entrance


Solid Brass Designer Entry Area Lamps