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The Better World Project has a vision to fulfill a mission to improve the quality of life in communities through restoring residences and providing quality management. The mission includes specialized restoration, competitive renting and promoting a responsible philosophy for a Better World. It is uniquely lucrative affording associates and investors alike an opportunity to do well while doing good.

Better World Enterprises, LLC was formed 14 years ago and started with the purchase of one $55,000 home to begin fulfilling the vision stated above to create a Better World.

The company utilizes independent contractors using a special formula to provide a competitive advantage and an opportunity to be involved in duplicating what we do. Becoming a multi-million dollar company within two years utilizing our unique approach has enabled us to take advantage of discount buying, competitive advantages in financing, working with independent contractors, creating new business, and numerous other benefits.

"Doing well by doing good"

A restoration: 312 W. King Street - Click Here to View

A key purpose of the company is to spread a philosophy of doing well by doing good. We do well by improving the local area one works in, the community, the region and the country. Our efforts reduce crime, mitigate some social problems, raise property values, and increase the tax base for communities while making life more enjoyable. The result is a better world and a lucrative financial return at the same time.

Independent associates are offered an opportunity to do what we do. Each associate is carefully evaluated for his community and provided the tools to begin. Over a period of time the associate should, by following our guidelines, develop a portfolio of properties appropriate to fulfill the associate’s short and long-term goals. When the business for the associate grows to a predetermined point each associate will have the option to assist others in doing the same, growing his organization exponentially. Better World Enterprises, LLC will generally maintain an interest in all associates properties and request that each associate follow The Better World Project's guidelines to ensure quality control and success.

Interested in changing your community for the better? We are currently focusing on the Jackson, Tennessee area and plan a grand opening kick-off in the Spring of 2009. Get involved here and reap the rewards of doing well by doing good! Contact us at:

731-467-1191    or by email at:     bwepllc@yahoo.com       Fax: 731-668-4686

Write to us at:    Better World Enterprises, LLC
                            P.O. Box 10475
                            Jackson, Tennessee 38305-4910

Are you an organization working to change your community? Are you a mayor or other city official working to reduce crime and improve the overall quality of life in your area? Are you a politician at any level that wants to make a change for the better? Please feel free to contact us for a solution that can work. Independent consultation for specific areas and needs is available. We not only show how it's done one step at a time, we can show you where it's been done and is still working.

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"Think for a Better World"